In this lifetime, I have had the immense pleasure 
of performing with some very fine humans. 

Some of which are / have been :


2 Slices
Danny Martin – vocals, guitar, electronics
Brandon Fudge (DJ Lazercat) – samples, electronics
Brett Nash – bass
Nic Jenkins – drums


Michael Hanf – drums, fire extinguisher, vocals
David Linaburg – guitar, vocals
Nick Jenkins – bass, vocals

Asphalt Orchestra (Bang On A Can)
Ken Thomson – alto sax, vocals
Peter Hess – tenor sax, vocals
Jen Baker – trombone, vocals
Tim Vaughn – trombone, vocals
Alex Hamlin – soprano sax, vocals
Jessica Schmitz – piccolo, vocals 
Ben Holmes – trumpet, vocals
Kenneth Bentley – sousaphone, vocals
John Altieri – sousaphone, vocals
Sunny Jain – snare drum, percussion, vocals
Kyle Struve – snare drum, percussion, vocals
Yuri Yamashita – quad toms, percussion, vocals
Kirk Knuffke – trumpet, vocals

choreography by – Susan Marshall, Mark DeChiazza

Barbour, Kaler, Jenkins
Lee Barbour – guitar, electronics
Josh Kaler – lap steel, electronics
Nick Jenkins – drums, electronics

Jorge Morticorena – guitar, vocals
Anais Blondet – keyboards, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Colleton County Mass Choir

Death Drive
Jason Brogan – guitar, compositions 
Sam Sfirri – keyboards, compositions
Mustafa Walker – bass, compositions
Nick Jenkins – drums, compositions

Designer Audio School : info.

Electrik Buddha 

Erin Johns

Falling Off A Building
Adam Cullum – guitar, vocals
Thomas Hammond – saxophone
Diana Kingsbury – drums
Desiree Richardson – keyboard, vocals
Nick Jenkins – bass

Gabrielle Duggan

Grace Joyner
Amber Grace Joyner – synth, vocals
Dan McCurry – bass, vocals
Brett Nash – bass, vocals
Camille Lucy Rhoden – synth, vocals
Ryan Wolfgang Zimmerman – drums, percussion
Nick Jenkins – drums, electronics

Grayskull Financial
Gerald Gregory – keyboards, antics
Richard White – keyboards, antics
Ron Wiltrout – drums, antics
Nick Jenkins – drums, antics

The Hadleys

Kieran Daly – guitar, vocals
David Linaburg – bass, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Hess Is More

Hunter Park 

Nic Jenkins – compositions, electronics, vocals, guitar, synths, MIDI, sound design, etc.

[ There are almost too many collaborators to list, but one day I will try; to be continued... ] 

Savannah Brennan – drums
Louis Cole – drums
Michael Crawford – synth drums, percussion
Adam Cullum – synth
Amy Cuthbertson – cello
Taylor Czerwinski – ukulele
Cecil Decker – electronics, samples
Cederick Gibbs – trumpet
Laura Godenick – violin, electronics
Joel Hamilton – synth bass
Kevin Hanley – bass
Bobby Hatfield – guitar
Nicky Jones – samples
Grace Joyner – vocals
Sara Kennedy – synth
Tom Law – electronics
Molly Ledford – bass, vocals
Loni Lewis (DJ Lanatron) – guitar, samples, synths
Khari Lucas – cassettes, effects
Marge Marshall – synth
Tay McNab – drum machine
Kate Mewborne – synth
Mike Mewborne – synth
Katherine McCullough – vocals
Pedro LopezDeVictoria – keytar, vocals
Dan McCurry – electronics, vocals
Anjali Naik – samples, vocals, bass
Brett Nash – synth drums
Jess Oliver – synth drums
Kyle Polk – synth drums
Nate Puza – drums, percussion
Camille Rhoden – synths, vocals
Stefanie Santana – guitar
Nikki Scioscia – feedback dancing
Sean Shoppell – melodica
Evan Simmons – electronics
Ahomari Turner – vocals
Clay White – trumpet, synths
Myles Walsh – synth
Mel Willis (DJ Mummbls) – drum machine, electronics
Ron Wiltrout –  synth drums
Mark Yoder – effects processing 
Mason Youngblood – electronics

Cara Levy – costume design
Celie Dailey – set design 

Jack Of Knives
Jason Dodson – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Khalid Smalls – bass, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Jason Ajemian & The Highlife
Jason Ajemian – bass, vocals
Owen Stewart-Robertson – guitar, vocals
Peter “Daddy” Hanson – saxophone, vocals
Jamie Branch – trumpet, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

John-Flor Sisante

Julian & The Lopez Dispensers 
Julian Lopez (aka Queenie Sateen) – vocals, guitar
Dave Ruckel – guitar, vocals
Tommy Cormier – bass, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Leah Suarez & Friends

Lindsay Holler & The Dirty Kids
Lindsay Holler – guitar, vocals
Michael Hanf – vibraphone, percussion
Ben Wells – bass
David Linaburg – guitar
Nick Jenkins – drums

Lindsay Holler’s Western Polaroids
Lindsay Holler – guitar, vocals
Ben Wells – bass
Bill Carson – guitar
Sam Sfirri – keys
Nick Jenkins – drums

Lonnie Hamilton III

Lonnie Holley

Mechanical River 

Michael Flynn’s Face In The Cloud

Michael Pisaro

Mike Pride’s Drummers Corpse

Molly Ledford

Gerald Gregory – keyboards, vocals
David Linaburg – guitar, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Morris Minor
Eleonore Oppenheim – bass, electronics
Lorna Dune Krier – synthesizers
James Moore – guitar, electronics
Taylor Levine – guitar, electronics
Nick Jenkins – drums

Mr. Jenkins
Nicholas M. Jenkins – compositions, electronics, vocals, guitar, keyboards, MIDI, sound design, etc. [plus: so many collaborators]

New Music Collective

Nora Roy

Oscar Rivers

Pierce Alexander

Precious Moments
Sean Robinson – guitar, vocals
Tay McNabb – guitar
Ben Ellenberg – bass
Nick Jenkins – drums

Power Company Collaborative

Run Dan Run
Dan McCurry – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Ashley Hopkins – guitar, bass, vocals
Erin McKinley – vocals, violin
Nick Jenkins – drums, electronics, vocals
w: many others …

Short Shorts
Elias Lyles – vocals
Brett Nash – guitar, percussion
Taylor Townes – bass
Camela Guevara – choreography
Caroline Marcantoni – choreography
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Slow Runner 

Stefanie Santana & Try2Cry
Stefanie Santana – ukulele, vocals
Kevin Hanley – bass
Steve Tirozzi – guitar
Nick Jenkins – drums, percussion

Stephanie Richards’s ‘Rotations Rotations’ (Carousel Band)
Stephanie Richards – trumpet, compositions
Andrew Munsey – percussion
Kenny Wollesen – percussion
Jen Baker – trombone 
Kirk Knuffke – trumpet
Ben Holmes – trumpet
Brian Drye – trombone
Nick Jenkins – percussion

Storm & Chess
Sara Peck – vocals, gestures, video
Nick Jenkins – sound design, gestures, video

Seth Gadsden – projections
Sheldon Pascal – projections, set design

The Lovely Few
Mike Mewborne – vocals, guitars, electronics
Kate Mewborne – vocals, synths
Alan Davis – guitars, synths

Thus, My Retort

Toca Toca
Leah Suarez – vocals
Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim – congas, percussion
Gerald Gregory – keyboards
David Linaburg – guitars
Jesper Johansen – bass
Nick Jenkins – timbales, percussion

Valley Maker 
Austin Crane – vocals, guitars
Grace Joyner – keys, vocals
Blake Luley – bass, keys
Jared Price – bass
Nic Jenkins – drums, vocals

Ventiko (Animamus Art Salon)

Michael Crawford – drums, percussion, electronics
Garrett Burke – drums, percussion, electronics
Nick Jenkins – drums, percussion, electronics

Vintage Velvet 
Regina Ruopoli, vocals
Jeff Castle – piano, vocals
Steve Coe – guitar
Frank Ruopoli – bass
Nick Jenkins – drums

V Ultra Lounge
Caroline Teagle – guitar, vocals
Jake Pepper – bass, vocals
Viktor Aiva – guitar, vocals
Nick Jenkins – drums, vocals

Young Jean Lee & Future Wife (13P)
Young Jean Lee – vocals
Benjamin Kupstas – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Andrew Hoepfner – bass, vocals
Michael Hanf – drums, guitar, vocals
Tim Simmonds – guitar, vocals
Booker Stardom – drums, vocals
Nick Jenkins – bass, drums, guitar